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Talent Carriage is the leading HR company in Delhi. We offer HRSS (HR Shared Services) to provide you bundled (HR Tool & Experts) support throughout employment lifecycles. You get e2e HR tools, experts, and consultants for employee onboarding, payroll services, benefits, compensation & performance management, exit management, and all related services from us.

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Top HR Services In Delhi – For Organisations Of All Types & Sizes

We offer HRM Services, and HRSS for early startups, small-sized, medium-sized, and large-sized organizations. Our HR outsourcing services enable companies of different types to manage their employees with minimum investment. Connect with us to manage employee communications, incentive management, performance management, attendance management, and other employee-related services.

What do we offer at Talent Carriage – HR Firm in Delhi?

Payroll Services

Our dedicated end-to-end payroll services help you calculate employee wages, taxes, and deductions. Our payroll processing includes tax compliance, attendance management, and employee benefits and compensation management services. 

HR Consultation

Our HR consultancy services help your organization to optimize HR processes, offer training programs, and maintain employee relations. 


Through HR Shared Services (HRSS), we centralize your HR functions and consolidate them to offer cost-effective and efficient HR services. 

HR Outsourcing

Talent Carriage is the best HR company in Delhi when it comes to cost-effective and scalable HR outsourcing solutions. We help you to adapt your human resource strategies as per your evolving needs. Know more about our HRSS services here! 

HR Managed Services

We offer HRMS (HR Management Services) that help you outsource your entire HR process. 

Why Talent Carriage?

Talent Carriage is a dedicated Human Resource Service in Delhi. We offer a wide range of employee management and HR services in Delhi at economical pricing. Some of the key benefits of working with us include:

Extensive Knowledge & Expertise

We bring expertise in the field of HR consultancy and outsourcing. Our HR agency in Delhi has 200+ years of experience in different HR domains. Our knowledge and experience help you to stay in touch with the latest HR trends and practices. 

HR Compliance

Our HR experts have a strong understanding of labor laws and compliance requirements. They ensure that your organization adheres to legal obligations and minimizes HR-related risks. This in turn helps you avoid penalties, fines, and legal conflicts. 

Scalable & Flexible

A dedicated HR company in Delhi, we offer scalable and flexible HR services. It helps us offer solutions that can be adjusted as per your growing organization’s needs. Our flexible HR services align with your changing business scenarios and streamline the various HR processes and functions of your organization! 

Technological Support

Our HR firm in Delhi helps you bring in a fresh perspective while hiring employees. We employ the latest technologies and systems to streamline your HR functions. Our bundled HR software solutions come with a team of HR experts who can design and optimize your payroll, benefits management, and other HR processes. 

Manage & Streamline Your HR Functions With The Leading HR Company In Delhi

Our team is ready to guide you while managing different HR functions. Get our specialized HR expertise to optimize your HR function and align your HR practices as per the latest industry trends!