Our Product

HR Cost Analyser – Our HR cost analyser shows your current and future costs in a traditional HR setup versus an HRSS setup, basis inputs specific to your organization. A useful tool for decision makers looking to adopt HRSS in their organization.

People Impact Analyser – A questionnaire and survey based tool that provides valuable insights on your organization’s Culture, Leadership, People processes, People practices.

This tool also provides insights of HRSS levers in improvement of scores in these areas :

  • Save MoreIdentify your HR costs & levers
  • Grow without investing in HR – Shows how you can expand with reducing HR costs
  • Drive Employee Experience – Understand how last-mile HR delivery impacts your employee experience metrices
  • Improve efficiencies – By standardizing and automating your HR processes

  • Professionalize – Your HR by specifically identifying areas and actions for improvements

HR Costs Analyser

People & Culture Survey

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