HRSS a step ahead of Outsourcing and HR Automation

Human Resource Shared Services (HRSS) is a new and upcoming trend in the Human Resources (HR) industry. This model is a step ahead of traditional outsourcing and HR automation because it allows organizations to keep their HR processes and data in-house while still enjoying the benefits of economies of scale and cost savings.

In a traditional outsourcing model, organizations hand over their entire HR function to an external vendor. This would include all aspects of HR, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and payroll.

With HRSS, organizations retain control of their HR processes and data, while outsourcing only some aspects of the HR function. This could include tasks such as payroll processing or benefits administration.

The benefits of HR Shared Services include cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved data quality. By keeping Human Resource processes and data in-house, organizations can avoid the high costs associated with traditional outsourcing models. In addition, HRSS can help organizations to improve their HR processes and procedures, as well as the quality of their Human Resource data.